Creche for babies and toddlers

Babies and Children -Babies and small children are always welcome to remain in Church. However, you are kindly requested to take your child to the back of the Church, behind the glass wall, if they are particularly disruptive. If you bring toys to the Church, please ensure they are not hard or noisy. Soft toys only please. Many thanks.

Holy Cross Children’s Liturgy – From the beginning of October 2021 Children’s Liturgy sessions will take place every Sunday morning during the 9.45 am Mass but only during school term time.  Please drop off your child at the Cortayne Road entrance of the Parsons Green Nursery from 9.30am onwards. The session will start promptly at 9.45am, so please be on time. There are two groups (1) for children aged from three to five years old (2) for children aged six to eight years old.  When the sessions are over, the Children and their catechists willl make their way into Church after the bidding prayers.

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